About Us

PK Torretto (Inventor/Founder/CEO)

“No, it´s not a video game. It´s a card-d-d game. It´s people…. in front of people.” – PK Torretto

Graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA in Mathematics under the Operations Research Plan with a Specialization in Computing under the Honors Collegium Program.

He “invented” this game whilst on an I-5 drive from SF to LA in January 2009. He has said that ever since, “the logic of the game has fell into place, and then took on a life of its own.” So many games have fantasy themes of swords and spells and creatures… what about military games?

He knew some friends would play regardless of the theme, but some simply would not. However, if he gave an IAF deck to a certain friend and a Blitzkrieg Tank deck to another… he knew they would play. So? For 6 months he searched and researched war games and found several in many formats of play… yet they all were nostalgic themes of Vietnam or World War II or colonial, etc. Why are all the modern warfare games only on video games? It was when he thought that an Infantry card should “move” slower than, say, a tank or helicopter… that a CARD GAME with movement and range entered the equation and P.O.W.E.R.® was born.



  • Sho Higuchi – Graphic Design
  • Steve Byers – IP/Legal
  • Marc Holland – Lead QA/Playtester)
  • Scott Good – Gameplay, QA organizer
  • Marc Buckhantz – military tactician
  • Rafi Gordon – non-gamer Demo playtester
  • Richard Torretto – 70+ Demo, Corporate
  • TQ Jefferson – more checkers, less chess
  • Eddy De la Torre – gameplay via Poker´s eyes
  • Lee Dumler – NorCal beta-tester
  • Flaster Siskin – Gamemaker, FlasterVenture.com
  • Kris Knutsen – Redesign Consultant
  • Brian Denmark – Development Consultant
  • Andre & Darren – Owners of Gamescape North (San Rafael, CA)
  • Kester Wise – Tester and Instructions
  • Brian Turner – Critical Support
  • Jonathan Kehl – Directional Support
  • Brian Goldman – non-gamer drive
  • Powers Brothers Game Designer´s Guild
  • Todd Brockman – non-gamer father, MA support
  • Victor Thomas – website development
  • Kelli Johnson – DeLano Manufacturing