Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two 'best' packs to play, for the first time?
We suggest Tank vs Artillery OR Close Air Support (Helicopters) vs Defense (SAMs). We advise NOT to use the Supply and Infantry pre-built packs due to the Red BQ Box “Specials”.
How many cards can I flip at the start of the game?
You can flip as many facedown cards on top of Build Queue piles, one at a time, as many times as you want, or until there are no longer any facedown cards on top of any BQ piles. Keep in mind… The more you reveal, the more your opponent can adjust their BQ.
Can you win even if your Tank or Infantry is 'spent'?
YES! If your Tank or Infantry survives your opponent´s turn in one of their HQ squares, even if “spent”, without any ammo, turned sideways, it captures the HQ and you win.
Can I still move units after they attack/use their TCA?
YES! The sidebar reads that the unit cannot ATTACK unless resupplied, not that it cannot MOVE until resupplied!
Can a Tank fire at Infantry units down range?
Don´t get “target square” and “current square” confused (though they CAN be one and the same). See REF#3 – Range “0´´ is the Current Square and/or Step 2 of 8.2 ATTACKING. Think of the Tank “rolling over” the infantry. Players are saying “squish”.
Who chooses what is attacked if in the same square?
In short? the attacker does. See the third bullet point on REF#8 first, then 8.2 Attacking in the rules (third bullet point from the bottom, “The attacking player….”
Can the Fire-At-Will trait be used during any phase of the opponents turn, or only the Move/Attack phase?
In any phase, at anytime. It effectively gives those SAM units an extra row of range if they move on your turn and shoot on your opponent´s. The fact that they can fire on your opponent´s supply phase make it so the Air units can´t “bug out” during their Move/Attack phase. The phrase, “You´re turn, Fire!” is one that Air units will quickly learn from.

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